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What Are Solvent Traps?
What Are Silencers?

What's a silencer?

TL;DR answer: Fantasy. There's no such thing.

As with most things gun, so-called "silencers" have a lot of communist propaganda, misinformation, and mystique promulgated about them. Within the government-enforced pseudo-monopolistic industry of manufacturing and selling silencers, a lot of this is deliberately kept alive because they want you to beleive it's exotic voodoo you can't know/do, you mere mortal, so don't even try.

There is no such thing as a "silencer." That's a term propagandists use to promote the false notion that these devices make guns "silent." That's a lie. The Laws of Physics do not care what you believe. The Laws of Physics do not care about the laws of man; evil or well-meaning.

Yes, the law calls them "silencers" because the law was written by evil, propagandist assholes with the fully-informed malicious intent of deception. It could not be so carefully crafted by accident. Lies. Conflation. Sophistry. Chicanery. Any form of deception will do. Government is made of satan's little helpers. It's what they do. They baked the bullshit right into the law. When the law itself is a lie, what is justice? I digress...

So, there is no such thing as a silencer. There are, however, suppressors.

Suppressors do not make guns silent, either. They can make guns less loud. With careful planning of the whole ammo/barrel/can system, a lot less loud. But, not silent. Not like that silly "pshew" sound they dub into James Bond movies. That is not a thing.

A suppressor is a very durable muffler, yet very poorly designed by necessity.

It has to be durable so that it can survive the muzzle blast environment. Which it doesn't survive. Go on, make it from Titanium, Inconel, and 17-4 Precipitation Hardening Stainless... All you can do is postpone the inevitable. Suppressors are consumables, which makes registering the owner, the item and the tax that much more insidious. They "get used up." Some pay thousands, the objective being to make the serial number and expensive, arduous, insulting bureaucratic process preserved in that stupid piece of paper, last as long as possible. ...because it is illegal to perform maintenance or repairs on them. That's right. Even if you built it yourself! If you got an approved Form 1 and built every part of your suppressor, you're not allowed to make a replacement part when something wears out. Nevermind that you already made the thing, you clearly have the skills, tools, materials, and metallurgical knowledge to make a truckload of them; it's illegal. Nevermind that it would be forensically impossible for any government thug to prove you made a new baffle to repalce the worn out baffle... It's totally unenforcible, yet, it is the law. This is exacerbated by the fact that even as manufacturing technology has advanced greatly, the average manlet's T-level and IQ have decreased at an inversely proportional rate. It's essentially become a false sense of security through obscurity. Most people are just too stupid to do what was considered a normal life skill in the 1950s. ...and, security from what? The whole thing is a fucked up lie that creates an artificial monopoly while depriving people of the most fundamental and sensible safety equipment a gun should/could have. It chills the right, and creates an arbitrary and capricious synthetic barrier to entry.

It's such a simple object, you can't possibly regulate it. You can make a suppressor from a pillow, a soda bottle, quilt batting, steel wool, pipes and tubes of any and all sorts, oil and fuel filters are ready-made disposable suppressors... You may as well criminalize farting... To make an uphold such a law only proves you are either stupid, or clownishly evil.

Anti-gun laws are literally a ban on intelligence and ingenuity. It will never work. Even if it could, your society would collapse if it were comprised exclusively of people too stupid to understgand the value of privately held arms. Look around, everything is turning to shit. Has been since the 1950s... Especially in Washington, DC... The dumbing-down of the entire world...

It makes you wonder how many guys have built their own suppressor on a Form 1, and replaced parts over time having no idea it was a crime to make what he had already made... It is one of the most insidious laws ever created. It is so anti-logical, he might just talk about it like it was no big deal. Because it is no big deal. ...and talked himself into a prison cell. When common sense and ingenuity are crimes, your government is evil.

It has to be designed in a very stupid way, intentionally. Think about it. The muffler on your car is not a straight line. To muffle sound, you force it around corners, through mazes, you reflect the sound back on itself, etc... You can't do this very well in a suppressor because the bullet comes out in a straight line. There's a bigass hole right through the middle of everything; exactly where you don't want a hole. Not to mention the thousands of degrees of hot, expanding gas... The sonic boom of breaking the sound barrier, usually at several mach...

This paradox fundamentally defines suppressors. No hole a bullet can fit through? Then it can't be a suppressor or a suppressor part. How could it be?

From a White, Male, Christian, Heterosexual, Intelligent, Engineer perspective, all we want to do is promote safe operation of the firearm, and be kind to our neighbors. Why is this a crime? Who is the victim?

Why do we congregate at the range to operate our potentially deadly machines, and then put on earmuffs so that we can't communicate with each other? Golly, what could go wrong? This is not an unintended consequence. It is a setup created by the insidious and malicious satanic weasels who created the law.

On lighter stuff like .22lr .32acp, .380acp... Maybe even old black powder stuff, say, .22 Hornet... A disposable oil filter will get quite a lot done. It won't last, but it's only $5. Seems like simple hearing protection that doesn't prevent people communicating with each other while operating guns... Seems like common sense. An enterprising fellow might screw one onto his gun simply because it makes sense. Then he would end up in prison for 40 years. 20 years for possession. 20 years for manufacturing. Does the punishment fit the crime? Where's the crime? The crime of common sense and ingenuity? The crime of having an IQ above 80? Who does this hurt? I'm sure his neighbors apprecaite the lowered noise factor when he decides to target practice.

Yet again, we see satan at work; condemning good things, spreading fear, makling baseless accusations, chilling freedom, persecuting virtue...

Even a .22lr, just one time, causes permanent hearing damage. But, the simple, obvious, common sense act of putting a $5 disposable muffler on it is punished worse than rape and murder.

How many gun ranges have been shut down over noise ordinances? It's illegal to make noise. It's illegal not to make noise. Insidious government. If the government doesn't want me to make noise, why does the government make it illegal to put a muffler on things that make noise? It's illegal not to have a muffler on your car. How many people have been cited for loud pipes on their motorcycle?

If you'd been paying attention, you'd notice that the same places who have had anti-gun signs on their front doors, are the same places that now want to force you to wear a face diaper for no reason. Masks are a symbol and tool of enslavement and dehumanization. It's hate. It's subjugation. Evil people get off on stripping others of their humanity. Only the weak and stupid give that up without a fight. These people don't hide that they're evil. They flaunt it. But, I digress...

Everyone who paid attention in high-school biology class knows that coronavirus has existed as long as breathing things have existed. It's all a lie. There is no body count. The vax is dirty poison. It didn't come from Chy Nuh; but they're glad to take credit for the implosion of a society so stupid that things taught in high-school biology class since the 1950s are ignored in favor of panic and voodoo nonsense... Why am Ion this tangent? The fundamentals of guns and suippressors are even more self-evident. Yet, you fall for the lies... If you have any contact with reality at all, you're a criminal...

If you follow logic instead of the lies, the true intent of government and law becomes clear.

What we're usually looking for in engineering and design is a compromise. Something that helps as much as possible without being too complicatedand or too expensive.

Why shouldn't a free man with a functioning brain mass produce the hard part for economies of scale, then do the slow part by hand himself? It makes sense in every other area of manufacturing.
It's a coaxial muffler. It's not that hard. In spite of what the monopolizers would have you believe, it's an entry-level shop class project. They want you to think it's exotic voodoo.

You can spend thousands chasing a half DB difference in performance that can only be measured with sensitive electronics, or you can spend ~$300 for "just as good" that you can maintain and repair yourself... Er, well, you could if that satanic government wasn't in the way...

The second best trick the devil ever played, was convincing you he doesn't exist. The best trick was convincing you never to go looking for him.

This is the most insidious lie ever told in all of human history: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." I refuse attribution.

God does not want you weak and helpless. Satan does.
God does not mock or persecute virtues. Satan does.
God does not want you enslaved. Satan does.