Solvent Traps and Adapters - Oil and Fuel Filter Thread Adapters


"Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing." - Optimus Prime

New stuffs are finally here! Solvent trap adapters and parts that have been out of stock for unforgivably long periods of time are finally here!

4003 end caps and adapters! Muzzle brakes for 4003 types. Old-school oil filter solvent trap adapters. All this stuff is finally back in stock.

New options available! 4003 solvent trap adapter muzzle brakes can now be made on-demand in any custom/strange thread type.

One of the more interesting new items are the 4003 solvent trap end caps with threads for old-school oil filter adapters so that you don't have to take your trap apart and put a different end cap on every time. We made all these adapters that adapt from a universe of crazy gun threads, to a universal thread; why not use it to make life easier? Use the same 4003 type solvent traps an trap adapters on every gun you own regardless of threads without taking it apart, making a mess, and then trying to stuff it back together. Even if the oil filter adapter you have isn't one of mine, it should still work. Buy an end cap for every gun thread you have? Take the thing apart and put a new end cap on every time you want to clean a different gun? Why do this? It's dumb!

This is a list of the more common thread associations. If you have one of these, then the threads are probably what is stated here. This is by no means exhaustive or guaranteed. There is nothing that forces Gun A to have Thread A. You should always double check. There is always a chance the barrel was originally un-threaded and someone put who-the-hell-knows-what threads on it. Guns that don't come from the factory threaded, or at least with that option, are likely to be unguessable. You'll just have to find out the old-fashioned way. Yes, I just made up the word "unguessable." Even the factory threaded barrels are sometimes weird.

"I need a screw for my car. It's a blue car with tires. WHY WON'T YOU HELP ME!!! YOU SUCK I HATE YOU!" Would you really expect any non-telepathic person to figure that out? I'm trying to help, but you gotta give me at least a rational hint. Would telepathy even help since this person's head clearly contains no useful data...?

AR-15 .223/5.56mm - 1/2-28
AK-47 - M14x1LH
AR-15 9mm - 1/2-36
AR-15 RRA .458 SOCOM - 5/8-32
AR-15 WC .458 SOCOM - 11/16-24
AR-15 6.8SPC - 9/16-24 sometimes, maybe
AR-10 .308/AR-15 .300 AAC Blackout - 5/8-24
M14/M1A - .595-32
1911 .45 - .578-28, .575-40, or M16x1LH
Glock .40 (conversion barrel from larger caliber)/.45 Cal. - .575-40 or .578-28. Can be M16x1LH (or some other weird stuff) if euro barreled
Glock .40 - 9/16-24
Glock 9mm - Mostly 1/2-28, but sometimes M13.5x1LH if euro barreled
FN FAL Inch (L1A1)/MP-5/M1 Carbine - 9/16-24, maybe? Sometimes?
FN FAL Metric - 9/16-24LH (occasionally these are off-the-wall metric, but that's pretty rare. My STG-58 is 9/16-24LH)
HK SOCOM Mk.23 - M16x1RH, weirdos...
Walther P22 - M8x0.75 recessed
GSG 1911 .22lr (and the SIG copy) - M9x0.75 recessed
Umarex .22lr rifle, and the assorted rebranded versions thereof - M8x0.75- the Walther P22 adapter would work, but odd
SIG Mosquito - M9x0.75
SIG P220 .40/.45 - .578-28
SIG P226 - M13.5x1LH
HK G3/53/HK91/HK93/PTR91 - M15x1
Cobray/MAC/etc... M-11/9mm and most clones - 3/4-10
Steyr AUG - M13x1LH
Yugo PAP/MPAP/92/85 w/ "big weird threaded thingy" - M26x1.5LH
AK-74 w/ "big weird threaded thingy" - M24x1.5RH

Look at that list. See how many different thread patterns there are for AR-15s depending on chambering? It's still not a guarantee, especially on the more uncommon calibers. Don't ask me "Which one is for AR?" Plenty of people may just assume the most common because they don't want to deal with explaining. Plenty won't listen anyway... I'm doing my part to help as best I can.

If you have something odd or unguessable, please don't ask me to guess, too. I'm some dude on the Internet. How can I possibly have more information than you, the owner, who is holding it in his/her hand? Guessing in person is better than guessing over the Internet. I'll try to help where I can, but don't get mad if it's wrong. I have no idea how many fingers you are holding up right now. Maybe just the one in the middle? ;-)

If you have any additional information or corrections, feel free to post a comment.

"I wish you would just tell me. Why do you have to make it so hard, I'm trying to give you my money!" I wish there were a simple answer, but there isn't one. I could lie to you... Nah, I couldn't. Most vendors lie just to get you out of their hair. Or, they assume the most common thread type so they don't have to deal with you. It might work out. It might not. They really don't care and won't take the time to explain. You might not take the time to listen. That's why most vendors quit trying to help; people who don't/won't listen.

I'm not the one who made it this way. A world full of jerks who want you to have to buy special threads at $[too expensive] from them made it this way. Some really do have a reason. I'm trying to undo it. There are tons of ridiculous threads out there, and few of them have any rhyme or reason, many have no published specs at all. They're just plain made-up. Others are done poorly by a drunk guy on a sloppy manual lathe and don't fit what they claim to be. There's a world of crap out there...

Here's an excellent example. Mk23. M16x1RH. The same company makes plenty of guns with the normal M16x1LH. Why did they do the Mk23 backwards? It's the only one in the world like that, and it even defies their own conventions because they make plenty of other guns that have the proper thread... Just being dicks.

The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them. Gun threads do not even have standards, they're common conventions. Maybe. Sort-of. If you're lucky.

That's just reality. In the same way: Gravity is not an evil republican conspiracy designed to deprive us of the Right to flap our arms and fly away while forcing us to buy cars and gasoline from their cronies. I'm sure democrats see it that way, but I expect a person in the market for my products to be smarter than that.